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Lucien can be the perfect Vampire or human as he comes in 2 skin options…
perfect for every fantasy, dark, or realistic Render.
He is a fantasy but realistic character for M4 as
he consists of High Quality Original Textures,DSP maps and morphs.

**** For more Lucien promo images, Please click editorial tab,
and see Lucien Hair Promos.****

*Lucien head is custom made,for M4 Base,
However you will need M4 morphs++ for his body morph

Package includes:

1 Human Skin Full mat, (Pz2-DS)
1 Vampire Skin full mat, (Pz2-DS)

1 DSP ON – Human Full mat, (Pz2-DS)
1 DSP ON – Vampire full mat, (Pz2-DS)

1 Lighter Lashes(Pz2-DS)
3 Eye Options ( Human, Vampire and Vampire moment)(Pz2-DS)
1 Mouth AO mat preset ( this controls the mouth AO shader,
when you using AO lights,perfect for the open mouth renders)
1 Head Morph 1 (INJ-Rem)
1 Head Morph 2 (INJ-Rem)
1 Lucien Jaws morph (INJ-Rem)
1 vampire teeth addon morph (INJ-Rem)
1 Wider Head Morph ( This is addon optional and its for prespective renders, body controled)(INJ-Rem)
1 Eyes cendered pose
1 Body Morph (INJ-Rem) – (M4 morphs++ needed).

1 Human Genital mat (Pz2-DS)
1 Vampire Genital mat (Pz2-DS)

7 Custom made expressions.(INJ-Rem)

Advanced Poser 9/Pro, SSS Materials for for SSS & IDL rendering.

1 Human Skin SSS Full mat
1 Vampire Skin SSS full mat

1 DSP ON – Human SSS Full mat
1 DSP ON – Vampire full mat

1 Human Genital SSS mat
1 Vampire Genital SSS mat

Please note:

For beautiful and realistic, Lucien renders don’t use hard, strong lights and shadows
You can use an IBL or HDR light, a specular and a spot
light for extra shadows with low intensity.
For example in my Poser promo renders, i have use the HDRI12E light from “Shiny 2” light pack by vikike176,
which includes a natural clear HDR Light, a specular and i have add an extra spot light for the shadows with low intensity 20%, shadow blur radius 3.6, in the images i needed more shadows.



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