Saucee 2 Overalls

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?Saucee 2 Overalls Outfit: (.DUF and .CR2)
?Top 1
?Supported Morphs:
?Victoria 6
?Teen Josie
?The Girl 6
?Body Size
?Body Tone
?Breasts Cleavage
?Breasts Diameter
?Breasts Implants
?Breasts Natural
?Breasts Perk Side
?Breasts Small
?Glutes Size
?Hip Size
?Pear Figure
?Thighs Size
?Other Genesis 2 Female(s) Shapes Supported by Auto-follow
?Adjustment and Movement Morphs Overalls
?Adjust Hips
?Adjust Inner ThighL
?Adjust Inner ThighR
?Adjust Inner Thighs
?Adjust Thighs
?Adjust Upper Torso
?Adjust Waist
?Bib In-Out
?Expand Hem
?High Heels 1-Pointed Toes
?High Heels 2
?Left Strap Side-Side
?Left Strap Up-Down
?Longer: Fit Sandals
?Right Strap Side-Side
?Right Srap Up-Down
?Adjustment and Movement Morphs Top:
?Push Up Sleeve
?Left Cuff Side-Side
?Left Cuff Up-Down
?Left Cuff Expand
?Right Cuff Side-Side
?Right Cuff Expand
?Right Cuff Up-Down
?Adjust Chest
?Adjust Hips
?Adjust Upper Torso
?Adjust Waist
?Expand Bottom
?5 Texture Options for Overalls and Top
?Textures include:
?20 Texture, Bump, and Transparency Maps (3000 x 3000)
?1 Reflection Map (400 x 400)
?Texture Templates available through the Product Library
?DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)
?Poser Custom Material Presets (.MC6)


Wicked for Unfaithful
Cozy for Sexy Dream

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