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Sasa Hair is a high quality long conforming hair for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl 4. Sasa Hair is the perfect look for all your fashion girls. Sasa Hair comes with lots of morphs for Styling, Adjusting and Wind effects. As a BONUS you will also get the Sasa Hair Mirrored figure.

This package comes with 16 high quality realistic hairtextures with Streaks & Mix MATPoses.

Our CLICK’N’MIX system gives you the possibility to create thousands of different color styles with just a few click. Choose one of the 16 included textures as a base, then apply a MIX or STREAKS matpose to get colored strands.


What you get with this package:

01 Conforming Hair for V4/A4/G4
01 Mirrored Conforming Hair for V4/A4/G4

16 Texturecolors for the Hair

Texturesizes and Listing:

16 Textures for the Cap (2500×2500)
01 Transmap for the Cap (2500×2500)
16 Textures for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Transmap for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Specularmap for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Bumpmap for the Hair (2500×2500)

16 Matposes for Full Hair [POSER]
16 Matposes for Mixed Color [POSER]
16 Matposes for Streaks Color [POSER]

16 Matposes for Full Hair [DAZ STUDIO]
16 Matposes for Mixed Color [DAZ STUDIO]
16 Matposes for Streaks Color [DAZ STUDIO]


SW_NUKED for Poser
Dynamic Skirt Pack

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