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SarahLee – once a very beloved character for Victoria 4 is now back and even more pretty than before! As realism is “in” again – and realism with attached hair even more – SarahLee is now updated with her own delicate, blonde hair. She’s just perfect to be a top model with her unique features and her slender body. Her skin is very real looking and the updated hair gives her whole character a new and unique style(non-hair textures are included too).
All textures are high resolution (4000×4000).

The package includes:

1 Natural head texture
1 Bump map for the head
1 Specular map for the head
1 Body Texture (Torso/Limbs)
1 Bump map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
1 Specular map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
10 additional make-up heads
5 Eye colors + 1 Bump Map
1 Eyewhite/Lacrimal Texture + Bump Map
1 Reflection map for the Eyes
5 Second skins (Torso)
5 Second skin Bump map (Torso)
5 Second skin Specular map (Torso)
5 Second skin Disp Map (Torso)
2 Second skins (Limbs)
2 Second skin Bump map (Limbs)
2 Second skin Specular map (Limbs)
2 Second skin Disp Map (Limbs)
5 Nail colors
1 Teeth/Gum map + Bump Map
1 Lashtrans

1 Gold head texture
1 Gold torso texture
1 Gold limbs texture
1 Head INJ and REM for V4
1 Body INJ and REM for V4
1 EyeFix for V4

All needed Matfiles, AO version and DS Matfiles are included – for the hair and non-hair versions. The Matfiles for the Second Skin options have a Remove function also



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