Santiago for Daz3D Michael3, David3 & Freak

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Santiago, is a High detailed photorrealistic Character/textures for DAZ 3D Michael3, Freak or David3. The texture maps are very detailed. It’s possible that it work in Mac, but I could have done the checking.

Size is 5000 x 6666 pixels those of the body and bump map, and 4000 x 2720 thouse of the head and bump map.
They are based on real people’s pictures with some painting work for the areas with hair. Santiago, comes with two main textures, that of the body and that of the head; also a transaprency map for the lashes and the pubic hair.
He also comes with many other more interesting elements like:

20 mat files.
7 material raytracing
8 Expresion face David
7 Expresion face Freak
7 Expresion face Michael3
5 Inj
2 Rem
4 Textures, speculars and bump for eyes
1 textures, speculars and bump for head
1 textures, speculars and bump for body
1 textures, speculars, transparency and bump for genitals.
1 textures and BUMP for teeth
2 transparency map

The whole package contains files so that it works in Pc, the same way in Poser 5 like in Pro Pack. Sample images are done totally in Poser without additional retouching, except the later assembly of the images with the words in Photoshop.


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