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Have your poser army give you the respect you command with the Posermocap Salutes Pack! This pack contains fourteen motion-captured poses that cover a variety of salutes from different armies and different eras.

Your Poser soldier can now be trained to Come To Attention, Salute From Attention in either the British or the Canadian & USA manners, and return to At Ease at your command. Poser soldiers on the march can salute with the Marching British and Marching Canadian & USA styles, while being lead by the Marching British Marker and the Marching Canadian & USA Marker.

See officers in your poser army salute the troops in the Officer Informal British and the Officer Informal Canadian & USA. Poser gladiators salute Caesar with Ave Imperator, and Poser World War 2 Germans salute with their WW2 German, WW2 German Click Heels, and WW2 German Officer Informal.

What’s Included and Features
Animated Poses (.PZ2)
At Ease
Ave Imperator
Come To Attention
Marching British Marker
Marching British
Marching Canadian & US Marker
Marching Canadian & US
Officer Informal British
Officer Informal Canadian & US
Salute From Attention British
Salute From Attention Canadian & US
WW2 German Click Heels
WW2 German Officer Informal
WW2 German
Michael 4 and Victoria 4 versions included
BVH files of motions included


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