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“From the four Towers of Saccharine strategically positioned in the realm to the closely guarded secrets of the great book of Saccharine, none are more mysterious than the Saccharine Sages. To the common folk in Icing Dale, they are a wonderment and sometimes a sight to behold as they frantically go running about the market when rare ingredients arrive from the Wylds. These secretive chemists spend much of their time burning their candles at both ends – literally – of their hats as they stay up all night experimenting with making new recipes and flavors to make new sweets.”


Robe contains 6 posing handles and several posing morphs to allow for walking, running, kneeling and sitting.
3 posing handles on the hat to shape the brim.
2 posing handles on the hair to move the side locks.
Glasses can be posed independent of the head.

Product Includes:
1 Conforming Sage Robe CR2 and OBJ
1 Conforming Candle Hat with hair CR2 and OBJ
1 Conforming Glasses CR2 and OBJ
1 Conforming Belt CR2 and OBJ
1 Conforming Mantle CR2 and OBJ
1 Conforming pair of Sandals CR2 and OBJ


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