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She comes with **TWO** lovely face morphs and a very curvalicious body. 😉 She comes with both Poser and Daz mats.
!Default Mat


* 12 Vivid Eye Colours
* 3 Dual Colour Eye Options

For a total of 15 different unique Iris Colors


* 10 Soft Lip Shades
* 10 Dark Lip Shades

For a total of 20 different looks for her lips!


* 5 Bold Shadow Options
* 5 Dramtic Shadow Options
* 5 Fantasy Blossom Shadow Options
* 5 Fantasy Tribal Shadow Options

For a total of 20 different Eye Make up Options~


* 1 Remove All Make-Up Option



* 1 Vampire Texture (head and lips)
* 1 INJ for ‘Sabified’ Vamp Teeth


Lessa has Daz mats.
She has been tested in Daz Studio 3.



Ultimate Stonemason Makeover - 14-in-1 Bundle
Jo Bundle


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