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His face morph has been re-sculpted and enhanced to look more natural. He also returns with several of his Michael 4 companions from the original Michael 4 and Genesis package, and includes many more new friends as well that are unique to the Michael 5 version.

His textures have been totally re-mastered and include the tattoo option as well as the textures for the Michael 5 Gens.

All reference material came directly from Profotografs’ personal catalog, taken with his own camera! The textures are high resolution and feature non-mirrored areas, such as the hands and feet. You will not find these photo references used on any other character in the Poser Marketplace. They are 100% unique to this character.

Ryuu includes 14 head morphs, and eight body morphs, two of which are scaled morphs for when you need a shorter male for your renders. The shorter morphs have been specially rigged to be DSON compatible, so they pose as well in Poser as they do in DAZ Studio, without any scaling distortion. Ryuu’s shorter morphs make him the perfect companion for any Stephanie 5 morph.

Each morph has been created in Zbrush and optimized for Michael 5. Additional partial body morphs such as nipple and crotch bulge morphs have been included for even more body customization.

Two sets of DAZ Studio materials are provided: Base materials and HSS shaders for the skin tones. Ryuu also comes with full DSON support and Poser 9/2012 SSS support for both skin tones.

A hair texture has been included for those needing a short haired look to their renders.



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