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Rubina Hair is a hairstyle for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl 4, bringing you a sexy versatile wild look!

It?s all about action! Rubina Hair includes our ACTION technology. It is included in a standard conforming hair version, as well as in a?static (hairprop) version. The static version unleashes you from the limits of conforming hair, especially in highly bent poses.
No more mesh distortion through poses, you have the control over the movement with a special set of high quality Action Adjusting?Morphs. Hair movement and pose adjusting can be done by hand. Alternatively, you can use the standard conforming version.

Included is a powerful set of hairmorphs consisting of 88 morphs. Have a look at the Description below for a detailed Morphs list.

Our Click’n’Mix system give you the possibility to create thousands of different color styles with just a few clicks. Choose one of the 10 included photorealistic and hi-res texture styles as a base and then apply a “Mix” and/or “Streaks” matpose to get colored strands.


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    Honey Badger

    October 28, 2012

    What a pretty long hairstyle . . . thanks for sharing it with us, Blazer.

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    October 28, 2012

    very nice…thank you Blazer

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