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Have you ever felt that urge to recreate history through your renders?
Well.. look no further if your heart is set on the Napoleonic Era!

Fully reworked version-2 of the original Napoleonic Mike outfit that inaugurated Poserstyle. Dragoon Jacket has been rebuilt to include the X-belt as part of the conforming figure, all items has been remapped to allow detailed texturing of all materials, plus a long tail morph has been added to the back of the jacket, for that extra Napoleonic General’s look.
A new additional Dragoon helmet has also been included to the original pack’s helmet, for FURTHER expansion of your costume choice, plus a complete detailed mappak for all possible variations.

A Napoleonic soldier, dragoon, General or trumpetist, the choice is yours!

An army needs a leader, so here comes Napoleon himself to complete this set. So life like, that in his gaze you can almost hear him say. . .

?The people to fear are not those who disagree with you, but those who disagree with you and are too cowardly to let you know.?
– Napoleon

This historical package character comes with a face morph, thoughtfuly done Napoleonic adaption of the Jeff2k texture – with special thanks to Joelegecko himself, for his permission to RTproductions to redistribute his work commercially!
But Napoleon wouldn’t be complete without his general’s outfit or his very own unique Napoleon hat, so those are included as well!

Not enough??..

No problem! We have added up as an extra bonus, Napoleonic textures for the Charger Tack as well, so Napoleon can ride in the emperial style of his original paintings! 🙂

Kindly note that this extra BONUS requires the legal ownership of Charger Horse’s Tack, available at DAZ to use.


This package includes in detail:

* Napoleon Head Morph for Mike 1 or 2
* Napoleon Head Texture
(requires no hair)
* Napoleon Body Texture
* MAT file (in camera format) to apply textures
* Ideal camera for portraits of the face morph

Napoleonic Dragoon Jacket
Napoleonic Pants
Napoleonic L & R Boot

Carabinier Helmet
Napoleonic Cuirass
Napoleonic Helmet
Napoleonic Helmet Tail with morph
Napoleonic Sash Belt
Napoleonic Seath Anchor
Napoleonic Seath & Straps
Napoleonic Sword
Napoleonic CarbineXII

* 23 detailed textures
* 1 Trans map
* 1 Reflection map
* MAT files for easy application of clothing variations
All presets are compatible with Poser4 (RSR) & Poser ProPack (PNG).
MAT files are provided in camera format for easier location and presets ergonomy.


VH Narelle
Kit Base Outfit Ele


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