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The Dragoons” The Dragoons is one more package in the long line of Napoleonic Uniforms.

Quite a few items are identical in any branch of the same army, that’s why we created a normal stand alone pack of the product (including the necessary items and textures from previous Napoleonic packs) as well as an Upgrade product at a much more fair price for those who already own “Grenadieurs A Cheval” (all the Geometry files and certain textures of items shared between the
two packs are missing from this version).

For a detailed table of what’s included, you may check the side list provided. where new items are clearly marked accordingly. To make your historic army renders even more realistic..
most items now, come in two versions: Parade sparkling clean or more battle appopriate.. dirty, smoked and muddy!

So what are you waiting for? Get your army ready for Waterloo!

Package details :

11 objs

8 characters
* DRG Tailed Jacket
* DRG Officer Jacket
* DRG Pants with Knee socks
* DRG Bandolier
* DRG Belt
* DRG Boots
* DRG Trumpeteer Decorative Strings
* DRG Trumpet on shoulder cord
BODY MORPH TARGETs for all figures:
Body Builder, Heavy, Super Hero, Thin, Young.

16 props
* DRG Ammot-Tache
* DRG Helmet
* DRG Helmet Tail (with posable morphs)
* DRG Officer Helmet Plume
* DRG Glove Collars (L&R)
(M4 Gloves second skin also included)
* DRG Trumpet in R hand
* DRG Sword full at side
* DRG Sword Anchor
* DRG Sword Sheath
* DRG Sword in Sheath
* DRG Sword at R hand
* DRG Sword Trumpeteer Tassels
* DRG Trumpeteer String Pins (posable)
* DRG Trumpet Figure Tassels Front
* DRG Trumpet Figure Tassels Back

* 48 textures (including bump maps)
* 45 MAT files
* 13 M4 Grenadier all-around poses
* 2 Matching Cape poses
* Utility Poses
(show hide M4 parts / Grasp trumpet/sword hand poses in pz2 format,
for easy access from the same directory)

Required: Link to post:
RT-Napoleonic M4 Grenadiers A Cheval http://3d-stuff.ru/rt-napoleonic-m4-grenadiers-a-cheva/


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    August 23, 2013

    Thanks, Bogus. These are some extraordinarily detailed uniforms and I’ve always been a Napoleonic-era aficionado.

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