Roxanne For V4

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What’s included.

1 Default Head texture
9 Additional Head textures
4 Torso textures
4 Torso Bump textures
7 Lip textures
1 Limbs texture
6 Eye textures
1 Lash Trans Map
1 Teeth Gum texture

1 Teeth Gum Bump texture

Specular, displacement, and bump maps for Face, Torso & Limbs.

Morphs and Mat Poses:

Roxanne Body INJ-REM including 12 expressions, 15 Breast morphs and BikiniBody Morph

Roxanne Head INJ-REM
Roxanne Alternative Head Morph INJ-REM
SmoothGens INJ-REM

4 Body mat Poses with and without pubic hair
and with and without butt crease. also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
6 Eye color Matposes also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
16 Lip color Matposes inluding default and glossy options also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
8 Makeup options including default + 1 Makeup off matpose also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
7 Matposes for the bikini.

CR2’s and Obj’s:

1 Bikini Top object and cr2
1 Bikini Bottom object and cr2

This product requires Victoria 4 base. No morph packs required.

This product was tested on a PC
This product was tested in Poser 6,7,8 and Poser Pro2012 & 2014.

No shaders are included for DazStudio and this product hasn’t been tested in DazStudio.


VH Nena ( Character & Jewels)
Yin Yang for Xiao Mei Clothes

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