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Slimy, sticky, slobber, drool, blood, spit, snot, muck, scum, ooze; this all sounds so revolting, but to a horror special effects artist that?s what he or she needs to pull off a convincing, or believable realization. In this set I give you the tools to produce your own special effects with Photoshop layer styles and High-Resolution Photoshop brushes of real slime I created in my studio using household items and melted gummy worms, (ooh-yuk).

They have a transparent look and feel of the real thing. Hope you have as much fun with these as I did creating them. Transform them, stretch them, or move them anywhere you see fit. Use just a color or use the great layer styles included; however some are really transparent, so all I suggest is duplicate the styles layer a couple of times and this seems to help it read better. Hope these help bring your illustrations to life and make your job easier.

  • 96 High Resolution Photoshop brushes(.ABR)
  • 27 Photoshop Layer Styles(.ASL)

Rons Cyborg Parts
Jaguarwoman's "Bunch-A-Bones"


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