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Vicious murderers
Insane intentions
Killer assassins
Intelligent warriors
Nasty kills
Gory thrills
Sailors of the Ocean

Rolf or otherwise known as (Rollo) was a powerful Viking leader of contested origin.History tells of a powerful nobleman at loggerheads with the king of Denmark,

He was a Norse nobleman Danish descent who was founder and first ruler of the Viking principality which soon became known as Normandy. His descendants were the Dukes of Normandy, and following the Norman conquest of England in 1066, kings of England.

The dead lie in silence
upon the cold ground
and the calling of ravens
is all of the sound.
When the heroes have fallen
the birds always know —
and the hunger of ravens
their honor shall show.

The black bird of Odin
who blesses the slain,
shall rise filled from the field
where the heroes have lain:
Where the valkyrie bears men?s souls
upon her swift steed,
the ravens shall thank them,
as they wing down – to feed.

Just remember, trust in the gods, they’re strong
Valhalla is where we all must belong.

Rolf character and Conforming Braided Beard Figure for Michael 4..

This package contains photorealistic textures for your M4 Figure,all heads have facial hair and come complete with a conforming braided beard figure to match all head textures,so you can build your very own Viking army,with so many different choices for your men

We have included 6 variant colours for the facial hair, Dark Blonde,Greying,Black mix,Light Blonde, Redded, Light Brown and each hair variant has 4 further options, Natural, Battle Blooded, Scarred and Woad War Paint,A total of 24 Head textures

There are tattooed options for the chest and throat,aswell as for Rolfs shoulder/arm.
The braided beard comes in 6 colours,each matches its facial hair Head texture option.
You get 6 beautiful natural eyes, Dark,Brightest Blue,Blind Eye,Hazel,Olive and Sky
This set also comes with a Genital texture.
All MAT poses included (pz2’s) for easy application of all textures

Required: Link to post:
Michael 4


Ianthe Hair


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    September 14, 2013

    Zaroska, I absolutely love you! Seriously, I do! I saw all the Viking themed stuff, but couldn’t get it to due medical bills. Thank, thank you for sharing all this stuff!

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    September 14, 2013

    he is awesome…thank you

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    September 14, 2013

    Unable to download. I get a message: This file reached max downloads limit.

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