RocketRider Motorcycles

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RocketRider is model of large and powerful retro-futuristic motorcycle powered by aircraft rotary radial engine. Model is made as universal structure, allowing change to cruiser, racer or bobber bike concepts. Due to big size, bike is equiped with independetly powered gyroscopic stabilisator maintainging upright position of ther machine during cruise and also during powered parking. For offline parking there are two parking wheels, that can be retracted from the frame to support the bike. RocketRider Bike is used as heavy-duty, long-distance or high velocity vehicle for various purposes from pure leisure riding, racing to military or law enforcing duties.

1 Rocketrider ERC Figure (3 preset variants)
14 additional props
2 light presets
6 configuration mat poses
6 V4/M4 poses
10 paint options

easy to use templates to make your own paintjobs



Heavy Duty for RocketRider
Adventure Cave River

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