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ROARING OUT OF THE WASTELAND! Vehicle Set What’s the post-apocalyptic genre without caravans of nomadic refugees or gangs of mobile raiders preying upon them? So you’re gonna need some messed up looking vehicles, right? Well, here they are. All vehicles feature rotating tires and steering wheel, as well as multiple morph targets and mapping regions to allow you to create several different looks from the same model. All models come with their own unique texture maps, but with a little tweaking you can create even more on your own THE TRADER If you do not wish to have a ram bumper on this vehicle, select the mapping region called ram and make it transparent. The canvas has morph targets that will allow you to put a more round peak in the cover or to billow it out more (like an old-style Conestoga wagon). If you wish to have the Canvas off this vehicle, select the mapping region called canvas and make it transparent. If you don’t want any canvas or support bars (and empty flatbed truck), select the mapping regions called canvas and supportbars and make them both transparent. Both the Driver’s side and passenger side have makeshift doors as seperate props called meshdoor. Select them and utilize the slider bar called Open/close to open or close them. If you want to swivel the machine gun, select the prop called Machine Gun Mount_1. It is immediately below the machine gun. If you want to tilt the machine gun itself up and down, select the machine gun itself and maniuplate the slider bar called Elevation to get the desired look. Wheels and steering wheel turn as they are seperate props. The gas cans and Stowage 1 and Stowage 2 are seperate as well, as are the headlamps, which can all be repositioned or deleted as desired. Immediately under the bed, there is a seperate prop called Metal Steps. To create an “encamped” look, select the steps and slide them out with the slider bar called Slide Out. When they are just touching the edge of the vehicle, select the slider bar called Fold Down, and put them down to about 45 degrees. Instant gypsy wagon


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