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“Home is where your bus is !”

The hippie van (Nickname of the time) is an “old-school” icon from the 1960s counterculture – the Beatles, love, peace, anti-war, pro-women and all things free – to road trips, surf culture and wildlife safaris. This friendly and fun-loving van is considered to have its own personality and most world people will always remember this van as a familiar face on the roads since the mid 1950s. This vehicle definitely deserves a tribute for being one of the most popular in automotive history – a trusty steed not to be forgotten.

Hippie Van + Roadtrippers Set ( 50 parts).

Customization by bus (2 rows of additional seats) or customization in bedding mode (bed, storage box, curtains – open or closed – sleeping and cushions).

All 5 doors open and possibility to have the windows lowered in the front.

Open “safari” windows are also available.

5 van color and 6 colors of curtains are possible.

A complete loading kit (on the roof with the gallery, in the trunk) and also a necessity of campers “roadtrippers Set”(ranging from camping chairs to dishes and a canopy..Etc) is available.

The stage is made up of 77 moving parts.

The van is in high definition allowing the close-up.

What’s Included and Features
Road Trip Hippy Van: (.DUF)
Road Trip Hippie Van Iray
Road Trip Hippie Van 3Delight
Road Trip 3Delight
Road Trip Iray
RT Loading Roof 3Delight
RT Loading Roof Iray
RT Roadtripper Set 3Delight
RT Roadtripper Set Iray
Props :
RT Back Door
RT Bed
RT Body Van
RT Camp Glass
RT Camping Chair
RT Camping Stool
RT Camping Table
RT Canoe
RT Curtains Angle Left
RT Curtains Angle Right
RT Curtains Back Closed
RT Curtains Back Left Open
RT Curtains Back Right Open
RT Curtains Closed Left 01
RT Curtains Closed Left 02
RT Curtains Large Closed Right
RT Curtains Left Open center
RT Curtains Open 02 Left
RT Curtains Open 03 Left
RT Curtains Right Open 01
RT Curtains Right Open 02
RT Curtains Side Door Left Closed
RT Curtains Side Door Open
RT Curtains Side Door Right Closed
RT Front Hippie Logo
RT Front Logo Original
RT Front Logo Unnamed
RT Gaz Stove
RT Glass Left Door Closed
RT Glass Left Door Open
RT Glass Right Door Closed
RT Glass Right Door Open
RT Jerrikan
RT Left Door
RT Map
RT Mess Kit 01
RT Mess Kit 02
RT Pillow 01
RT Pillow 02
RT Pillow 03
RT Pillow 04
RT Pillow 05
RT Plate
RT Radio
RT Renfort
RT Right Door
RT Rods
RT Roof Box
RT Roof Galerie
RT Roof Van
RT Safari Window Left
RT Safari Window Right
RT Seat Back
RT Seat Middle
RT Shovel
RT Sidedoor Left
RT Sidedoor Right
RT Surf 01
RT Surf 02
RT Surf 03
RT Surf 04
RT Tarpaulin
RT Tire Front Left
RT Tire Front Right
RT Tire Rear Left
RT Tire Rear Right
RT Towel 01
RT Towel 02
RT Trunk Army
RT Trunk Navy
RT Tub
RT Wash Dishes
RT Watertank
RT Webbing
RT Window Left Closed
RT Window Right Closed
RT Wood Box
Material Options:
RT 1-Road Trip Hippie Van
RT 1-RED Van
RT 2-Bumpers Chrome
RT 2-Bumpers paint
RT 3-Loading Roof
RT 4-Roadtrippers Set
RT Curtains BLUE
RT Curtains DARK RED
RT Curtains GREEN
RT Curtains GREY
RT Curtains RED
RT Curtains YELLOW
Textures Include:
428 Textures, Specular, Bump, Normal and Transparency Maps (8192 x 8192 to 512 x 512)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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