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This is a complete scene for some great renders. You can use it for every day road vehicles
or as a rally stage. The set includes material presets for the 4 different seasons (spring,
summer, autumn and winter/snow ;p) and a wet road condition, like it had just rained.
All of the items can be found in the PROPS library. There is a base model which is the
ground with the road and the lake. The trees and foliage can be loaded in 4 parts,
Soutwest, northwest, northeast and southeast. This is to save unnecesary use of RAM.

Check out the fly trough animation on youtube to see the size of the scenery.

There is a set of sunlight presets included too, in three quality settings.
-Sunlight Simple though nice sunlight with sharp shadows
-Sunlight HQ More realistic sunlight with blurred shadows, longer render times.
-Sunlight XHQ Blurred shadows and ambient occlusion, for realistic shadows
around the edges of geometry. This option uses a lot of RAM memory.

The option to change the textures to the preferred season is in the “materials” library.
To do this you have to select the item/prop you want to change, and then doubleclick
the preferred “season” in the materials tab to apply it.





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    July 29, 2013

    I searched for long for a good street scene – great stuff, thx!

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    July 31, 2013


    ___ for what reason you ask for it, in all of Your Post, NOW ….? ?

    av vilken anledning begรคr Du det, i alla av dina Post, NU….? ?

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