RM Tyara

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Tyara is a Semi-Diva, and shemakes no bones about it. ?She loves the finer things in life but she also knows that some of the best things in life don’t come wrapped in glitz and glamour! ?She is as comfortable at a 5 star, red carpet affair as she is in her jeans and t-shirt at a burger joint.
She simply loves to have fun and be seen. ?She has a certain quality that is sure to make her a fast favorite among your digital ladies. ?She comes with beautiful make up options that work well for both everyday and glamorous, nothing fantasy or off the wall, just honest to goodness beautifully applied make up. ?Her eye colors are true to life colors and are sure to draw you in, and her shapely figure is natural and appealing.

LongMaidDress for V4/A4/Elite

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