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Robynn is a sensual, seductive character morph and texture set for V4.2. She comes with a completly custom morphed head sculpted in Brush (so it requires no morphs at all to work!) and a gorgeous DAZ dialed morph for her body. She comes with beautiful textures, an incredible array of make ups, gorgeous eye colors and a choice of lash and eye reflection options.

* 1 Custom sculpted head morph INJ/REM pose

* 1 DAZ morph++ dialed body MOR inj/rem

* 6 Eye Reflections

* 4 Lash Styles

* 11 Make up options (including a make up off)
o Blue
o Brown
o Dark
o Green
o Lite
o Night
o Nude (make up off)
o Pink
o Purple
o Smoke
o Sun

* 10 Eye choices
o Blue
o Blue 2
o Brown
o Brown 2
o Green
o Green 2
o Grey
o Hazel
o Hazel 2
o Purple

* Poser MAT files for all options
* D|S 4 material files provided



Odysseon Station Control Center
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