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Product Compatibility: and any program that can open jpg and png files Looking to add something different to your Mavka characters? This is the perfect package for you. A wonderful mature skin resource for Mavka that can be used to make older chracters or even use it to make strange alien/sci fi or Fantasy characters by mixing it with other Mavka skin resources!! This is a seamless resource that includes everything you need to get started on your own Mavka character.

* 1 Torso texture with matching bump and specular maps
* 1 Limb texture with matching bump and specular maps
* 2 Head textures with matching bumps and 1 specular map that works with both.
o 1 with painted on brows
o 1 without brows
* 1 Tooth/Gum texture with matching bumps and specular maps
* 5 eye maps with a matching bump map
* 3 Eye reflection transparencies
* 3 Lash transparencies with 2 of them offering different eyebrow transparencies


Different types and styles of lighting as well as different node set ups may cause the files to appear different then may appear in promos.
*please see readme for usage and/or restrictions*

Required: Link to post:
Mavka http://3d-stuff.ru/mavka/


Mavka Closet 1 Bundle
RM Madam


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