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Product Compatibility Poser 8/2010
Did you ever wish that there were more choice for your Fairy village Elder? Wish there were more toon like characters that could play the sweet grandmother, of nasty old lady next fdoor? Look no further!

Madam is a set of 10 mature face morphs that will change your Mavka character from wee sprites to the oldest wisest fairies in the realm! You can use these morphs to expand your characters for your own personal renders or even better yet you can use them to create your own custom Mavka characters for commercial resale! Mix and match them with each other, or with your other Mavka morph resources!

* 10 Custom morphed head morph inj/rem poses

Different types and styles of lighting may cause the files to appear different then may appear in promos.

Required: Link to post:
Mavka http://3d-stuff.ru/mavka/


RM Mature Mavka MR
Mavka Closet Set 3


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