RM Holiday Melody

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RM Holiday Melody
K4, The Kids 4 Morphs ++

Product Compatibility Poser 8/2010
Melody is an adorable loveable human child, but she has a secret, she is also Holiday, the frost sprite. Together the two personalities make her an extra special joy for your Runtime folder. She comes with a rosy cheeked human texture, a frosty sprite texture which has 4 matching chill-tastic make ups and 4 different head morphs.

* 1 Custom morph/DAZ dialed hybrid human head morph inj/rem pose (this utilizes the morphs++)

* 1 Custom morph/DAZ dialed hybrid sprite head morph inj/rem pose (this utilizes the morphs++)

* 2 Custom morph/DAZ dialed hybrid Frost sprite head inj/rem pose (these utilize the morphs++ and come with custom morphed “icicle” ears as part of the morph)

* 1 Custom morph sprite ear inj/rem (this is separate from the head morph and can be applied on its own)

* 8 Stunning eye options

* 7 Eye reflection options

* 4 Lash styles


Children of Egypt
DZ Denim for M4H4Guy4


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    October 20, 2012

    such a cutie…thank you Mecha

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