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Look at your M4. Now back at me. Now back to your M4. Now back to Me. Sadly, your M4 isn’t me. But if you get me, your M4 could be me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? ………You’re looking at me, looking at a M4 that could be yours! Anything is possible when you render with me…

1 Rhodey Head INJ & REM
1 Rhodey Body INJ & REM
1 Rhodey Gen INJ
1 Rhodey Gen MAT
8 Eyes
5 Second Skins
1 Navel Gone INJ
Resets for Navel INJ and Second Skins

1 Base Head Map
1 Base Torso Map
1 Base Limbs Map
1 Gen map
5 Torso Second Skin Maps
8 Eye Textures
1 Lash Trans Map
1 Teeth Gum Map

Bump Maps for Face, Torso, Limbs, Eyes, Teeth, Gums , Gens & all 5 Second Skins
Specular Maps for Face, Torso Limbs, Gens & all 5 Second Skins

**Bonus 12 Expressions for M4 .fc2 files (should not alter your morphs)
8 poses make for promos and reset for both expression and poses.


Nick M4


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