Rhi’s ~Sira Black~

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Usage Tips or Limitations:

  • This package has NOT been tested in Poser Pro Pack, P4, or Daz Studio, and does not support the .bum file format required in P4.
  • When using Sira’s morph with her clothing, load the clothing first and conform it to the figure. Each piece has a “Sira Fit” dial, located at the top of the morph list for the respective piece. When dialed to 1.0, the clothing will fit Sira’s morph.
  • The “Sira Fit” morph for the jacket and skirts were created to make allowances for use in combination with the bra and thong, respectively. When using the jacket and/or skirts without the bra and/or thong, minor adjustments may be required in order to fit clothing more snug.
  • Sira’s “fishnets” mat can be used with any V4 character.
  • Checking “Texture Filtering” in your Firefly render settings may produce visible seams in the textures where there are none.


Ashlyn for Laura
Queen of the Damned V4

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