Restraining Grace

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Ever need a princess to be saved? Or a reporter to be punished for snooping a little too deeply? Or do you just want to make a good old fashioned pulp scene involving a heroine in a lot of trouble? Well Fear Not! Unless, of course, you happen to be the damsel about to be placed in distress. With the Restraining Grace poses set, you get 50 poses to place your model in.

This includes: 37 Static Poses 13 Action Poses 16 Hand Poses (8 Left and 8 Right) 14 Expressions 1 Heeled Foot Setting 1 Zero Foot Setting (for a flat foot) In addition to the sets are Zero Poses for the model, face and both hands. Using the Symmetry, Swap Right and Left option will double your poses, though many of the static poses won?t change much. So, make your damsel in distress scene. Make her suffer! Make her squirm! Make her curse you for buying and applying this set! But most of all have fun! And if she complains too much?well there are gags out there. This product includes only the poses. Character, hair, clothing and props not included. Restraining Grace was tested in Poser 7, Poser Pro, and Daz Studio 2.2.


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