RenderStudio P8-2014 Modular 12 – AfterGlow And Atmosphere 2

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THIS PRODUCT IS STANDALONE: It does not require any other RenderStudio module and works in Poser 8 to Poser Pro 2014
The scalable sky sphere utilizes original 8000 pixel wide sky panoramas coupled with matching IBL image probes to give a true representation of the light in which the sky was photographed.
The included Atmosphere 2 module will not put any strain on your rendering times as it is generated by Poser’s very own ‘Depth Cue’ cue system. I have found that using these atmospheres adds no extra rendering time at all!!!
The ‘Sun’ light dials have been customized to clearly help you adjust the light to the position on the horizon and the time of day.


Dial Manager
Arissa Dress

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