Renaissance Church

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The main central tower is crowned with a pointed iron spire and surrounded by tall arched windows.

A large circular stained glass decorative window frames the centre of the main tower. Two arched wooden doors with inlaid decorative images at the front of the church have been hinged to allow for easy opening and closing.

The two arches either side of the building are fitted with cast iron gates which have been hinged for easy opening and closing.

Detailed cast iron decoration surrounds and lines the roof sections of the church and ties into the cast iron fence which frames the front of the building.

The two main gates of the iron fence have also been hinged for easy opening and closing and two moveable urns have been placed on top of the main pillars which frame the gate entry.

The cast iron fence is a separate object which can be moved or removed or used as a separate object.

The model is based on actual photographic images which help to capture the unique details of the building with its photo realistic textures and is suitable for distant or close up renders.

The church comes as a complete grouped object to allow for easy movement and placement and bump maps for all textures on all objects have been set up and adjusted for optimal rendering results.


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  1. desertrat

    July 1, 2014

    Will not open in Vue 2014.5 xStream :o(

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