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You’ve got your evil dress… and your evil character. You’ve even got evil shoes, and an evil scepter! But what are you gonna use for evil hair?

Regina Malorum (Latin for The Evil Queen) is inspired by the most intriguing Evil Queens of fantasy. This hair was created to encompass all the classic styles of an Evil Queen, including a wicked crown and horns.

But you don’t have to just use it for Evil Queens, as it is a fantasy styled hair that will feasibly work for many characters.

Included is a ponytail styled hair, horns with metal spiraling and a jeweled crown – all of which were created to work in tandem (though, you can use them apart, as well). The hair contains movement morphs, so you can get a dynamic windy look. The horns have different style morphs so you can change them up as well. Also included are tons of material options (all separated), so you can mix or match.

This set has all you need for the perfect malefic female.

Watch out, all you innocent little princesses.


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    September 27, 2013

    Again a wonderful post!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Char!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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