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Rebelious Eyes V4 Merchant Resource
any program that can open jpg files.
Product Compatibility: Any graphic program that can open jpg files
Eyes… Some say they are the windows to the soul. They can definately change the way we look at things. Eyes can make your character exotic, soulful, mysterious. Like Sci-fi, fantasy or perhaps just want some realistic options for your characters? Rebelious Eyes has something for you!
With the Rebelious Eyes set you can change the way your renders and/or commercial characters look with just one click. You get 57 jpg eye files, 1 eye bump, 1 corneal reflection and one eye surface reflection, along with MAT’s for both P9+ (with SSS) and P8
* 57 Eye jpg files 4000 x 4000 templates
* 1 Eye bump jpg
* 1 Corneal reflection jpg
* 1 Eye surface reflection jpg
* 57 Eye Mat poses for both P9+ and P8
* 1 mat pose to add reflection to the eyes.


Zeus Rage


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