Realm of Krystillum

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Far out into the wastes beyond the realm of men, lays a great expanse of desert. This desert is like none other, and few dare to travel here, for long, long ago a great glowing mass fell from the sky and shattered on the earth. Strange rock formations, like the crystals used by healers, sprouted up from the ground, all aglow in the twilight. Priests and shamans thought these stones could be used for healing, like many others, and set out into the desert to attain their power. When the good people finally reached the glowing stones, something about the crystals altered their minds, and they began to dwell among the stones and build temples to them. Then one night, guided by the light of the stones they carried, the lost priests attacked, wielding unholy power. Thus began the Great War. At last the desert dwellers were put down, but the ruins of their temples in the desert still stand as many fear to go out into the wastes to tear them down.

The Realm of Krystillum is a modular prop set for Poser and DAZ Studio with a High Fantasy flare. Included are 24 props and 10 multi-prop sets of arches, broken columns, and crystal formations. Each of the props can be used individually, together, or mixed-and-matched with props from other sets. The material presets include options to have the ruin’s symbols glowing in red or blue, or not at all, and the crystals have red or blue color options as well. Also included is a ground object that has several texture options to match each color option of the other props. To make things better, the product has the option of automatically loading DAZ Studio material presets, so all you have to do is load the props into your DAZ Studio scene, and the correct materials will be applied with no additional effort.



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