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Welcome to the “Zephyr” Hotel, Nr.1 in town?(yeah, right. Nr.1 maybe 20 years ago).

As soon as I heard about R. Scott plans to film sequel of the?”Blade Runner”, I re-activated my Razor Rider series.

I planned to model a cyberpunk hotel for a long time, and now?finally decided to put project under way; starting with hotel reception.

This is entrance to futuristic hotel/hostel. Years of neglect have?left scars all over. Architecture is separated in two main categories:?architecture parts and decorative objects.

Architecture consist of:

– floor (parent to all other parts)
– door wall (with poseable entrance door)
– round wall
– video wall
– armature
– elevator wall (with morphing elevator doors)
– corner wall
– reception wall (with poseable safe door)
– reception booth
– reception door
– ceiling (with ceiling lamps and poseable fan)

Decorative objects:

– chairs
– table
– video bar
– trash can
– monitors
– reception chair
– takeout food box
– sign
– beer can

Since the reception room is relatively small, I divided architecture to?allow camera to be positioned without obstruction. Little tip for easier?work; You don’t have to hide wall in camera’s way, since attached objects?remains visible. Instead, translate whole part out of the way (with all?parts attached to it), when You’re done with the rendering, just restore?element, and it will snap in original position.

3 simple light sets included (each set with two point light and different?HDRI light probe in IBL slot)

Texture templates not included.


HIGH STYLE Jumpsuit V4-A4-G4
SlinkyTown Rocks!


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