Razor Rider: Universal Props

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Universal Props are universal in any kind; You can use them with my previous products, with other scenery or as stand alone details.

Artist assembled a small collection of various props where everyone can find something useful: Bullet Casings props – groups of fired-up casings and shells from different weapons (hand gun, automatic rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher) designed to be placed on floor, creating battlefield environment. Each prop is for different weapon and with scatter morph, enabling you to spread casings along wider areas. Installations – 4 different type of electric and hydraulic installations hanging from above. Can be placed in front or behind main actor on scene, creating additional scene depth effect. Ceiling Lamp & Fan – Fan can be also used alone Remote Controls – 2 different control boxes hanging from above on cable Ornamental Screens – Can be connected together to create continuous structure. Nice thing if you want to separate two zones or as backdrop. One is metal in Gothic style, other from wood in oriental style. Pizza – (in)famous Luigi Chong’s Pizza; just in case you get hungry. Compatible with DAZ Studio (MAT presets included in pack)


The Iron Gate
Trapper Kit 2

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