Ravage of Time

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The iron tooth of the time digests the rickety cogwheels.
The rust covered her already, but we see her sweet charm yet.
Stop the time, do not let the rust to cover her completely.
Preserve her light, stop the Ravage of the Time.

* Street Clock:
– Clock on both sides. Clocks may control both in same time or individually either.
– You may also set real time with one dial and don’t need to set hours and minutes separately. Good for animations, thanks for Black Rain 😉

* Street Lamp:
– Double Glass version (basic) for shiny, interesting reflections. Slow render with included glass and bulb shaders. Shaders with smaller render time are also included..
– Light on version with Street Light (point light) parented to lamp.
– Single Glass version for faster render

Required: Link to post:
Mechanica N?5 http://3d-stuff.ru/mechanica-n5-bundle/


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Mechanica N?5 Bundle


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