QuadSpinner Summer Dreaming – Atmosphere Pack

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A pack of 6 Spectral atmospheres created for those wonderful summer scenes for Vue

Cotton candy – Large white cloud puffs sweeten the crystalline blue sky. Cheerful sunlight signals that all is well in the world.

Blue Bliss – Vivid blue skies come alive with fluffy cumulus clouds and delicate traces of high-altitude cirrus. Side-oriented lighting invites strong shadow contrast. A favorable balance of light and shadow.

Solar Kiss – Blushing from the sun’s farewell kiss as it begins its descent in the desert, these dancing cumulus clouds pop against the crisp, cobalt backdrop. Designed for both sky and ground perspectives.

Raven’s Shadow – Large pre-rain clouds gather in the desert. This bright, eye-scorching light of the early afternoon is an excellent blend of direct sunlight and ambient reflected light.

Cloud Hopping – An intimate glimpse of those billowy, slow-moving clouds that could hold your gaze for hours … as if you could easily leap from one to another. Soft , bright summer light warms the whole scene.

Dreamy Days – Subdued ambient light bathes the horizon in pale pink. Thin, wispy clouds float above a bed of dense altostratus. Imagine this northern panoramic sky crowning hardwood forests and pine groves.



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