QuadSpinner Rock X – Master Trinity Collection

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Perhaps the sexiest material in the QuadSpinner Foundry, Rock X is supremely versatile in any environment. The ivory-colored lines and grooves in this crusty surface pop against the surrounding warm brown tones, found in the most common rock types all over the world. Depending upon your scene, the tactile texture could represent aged salt deposits, sand, barnacles, pelican droppings, erosion, and even worn ancient carvings.


Rock X, Coarse
– This visibly grainy version was created by overlaying a gritty coat (similar to Mineral Infinity) onto Rock X. Imagine the feel of these textures against your palm.

Rock X, Damp
– The perfect companion for humid or submerged settings – any place near the water’s edge. This variant boasts a special shine and darker coloration.



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