QuadSpinner Mesa Mastery: Erosion

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Mesa Mastery is the QuadSpinner series that will help you become the Chieftain of nature’s mystical mesas. Exquisitely beautiful, these majestic monuments whisper tales of the Ancients to the wind. And it is the wind that carries these stories through generations.

Kicking off the Mesa Mastery series is our tutorial on Erosion. Old and weather-worn, mesas are a phenomenon caused by erosion – the whittling away of matter by the wind and other elements. This slow process creates a magnificent portrait that is ever changing in color, texture, form and size.

In this video, presented by Dax Pandhi, you will:

– Learn how to merge the sophistication of Vue and World Machine
– Create authentic natural erosion in World Machine for Vue?s Procedural Terrains
– Produce stratified terrains by employing the mutually exclusive features of Vue and World Machine
– Maximize the power of Vue’s terrain fractals and stratification when combined with World Machine’s super detailed erosion process which includes erosion-oriented natural distribution of materials
– Tip the scales with Vue’s Strata Tilting for superior erosion

Remember – it?s not about learning features, it?s about learning proven techniques for practical and realistic results.



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