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QuadSpinner products are intended to help you create your dream images and tell your stories.

Founder Dax Pandhi applies to all products the bounty absorbed from years of living in the sub-continental desert. He is particularly passionate about Atmospheres. In the desert, the immense sky becomes the ocean. It is an ever-changing canvas of subtle and striking nuances.

During our expeditions, immersion in the dense tropical rain and cloud forests of Costa Rica presented different perspectives on Atmospheres. Imagine early morning mist gliding through emerald valleys and the stirring cloud build and climax of intense electrical storms over mountains and the Pacific.

A unique advantage to QuadSpinner Atmospheres is that they are not just pretty skies that undermine ground lighting. They are meticulously designed as a complete lighting solution for your scene.

Armageddon – Menacing mammutus clouds foreshadow suffering and destruction. The veiled light of hope still shimmers through the murky haze.

The Explosion – Reminiscent of the captivating yet dreaded mushroom cloud that follows an intense eruption, this dramatic, richly-lighted atmosphere moves with energy and power.

Redemption This God-ray specific atmosphere is intended for ground-focus. Strong ambient and reflected light; subtle tawny tones. A respite from the storm, Redemption is ideal for Hero scenes.

Eternity – The thunderous voice of the Almighty echoes across the spectacular infinite sky. Dramatic harmony of light and shadow, enriched with mystical tints of orange, slate, and blue.

Waves of Gray – Undulating storm clouds create threatening seas above the horizon. Hints of sunlight pierce the dark palette. Excellent ambient light.

The Star – A fading, bright sky draped in opaque, gray cumulous clouds. Emerging golden sunbeams offer ground silhouetting opportunities.



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