QuadSpinner – The Invasion

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Be on guard, QuadSpinner’s companion alien collection foreshadows mutiny in the galaxy. The Invasion showcases biological and alchemical mutants. The materials’ detailed Subsurface Scattering allows small amounts of light to pass through the edges, giving them additional supremacy. Their colors can easily be modified for unique applications. And Displacement can be turned off, if desired, without affecting the special look of the material.

The Hive Mind
Red pulsing veins dominate the physical manifestation of The Hive Mind. Its slimy, gleamingsurface bestows multidimensional life to organic buildings and tunnels. The seduction of alien sovereignty has never been more foreboding.

Cloak of Infinity
This protoplasmic discharge reveals the immortal chrysalis of the invaders. The tactile soft, spongy Displaced surface can entrap any interloper. Cloak of Infinity would also add menace to The Pillars of Ascension.

The resilience of this alien construction material spawns from the genetic fabric of the swarm. Bastion is the ultimate nefarious shield. The organic marble coloration is highlighted by the irresistible texture of Displaced supple spikes.

Nest of the Dark Queen
An unconquerable marble for palatial halls and the fortress, Nest of the Dark Queen is engineered for fortitude and deception. The exquisite pale surface glistens enticingly. Its deep Subsurface Scattering makes the material bright even in dark locations.

Nectar of Evolution
An alien crystalline labyrinth, Nectar of Evolution incubates and energizes. The smooth, heat-fused crystals of this life-giving material are enduring. Even when blasted with eruptions and lava flows, they maintain form to create mazes and tunnels. The shiny textural surface is Displaced.



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