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QuadSpinner is excited to release this training on HyperWorlds, an in-depth look at how tocreate dramatic rock using Hyper Textures and HyperBlobs. Pioneered by accomplished Vue master Dax Pandhi, these technologies – including HyperBlobs which were introduced in Vue 9- represent the cutting edge of digital nature.

So why all the excitement? In its core, nature is the cornucopia of textures and shapes. Unless you are innately passionate about the tactile world, it can be easy to overlook the diversity and complexity of surfaces all around us every day. QuadSpinnner believes that these exquisite and varying patterns – especially in rock – are what set digital environments and their artists apart. The realism is undeniable!

HyperWorlds is packed with step-by-step learning from Dax Pandhi himself and is the most advanced training on the subject. Quite literally, there is nothing like it!

– Explore the intricacies and potency of both HyperTextures and HyperBlobs, some of Vue’s most hidden features
– Understand how HyperTextures work differently from normal materials
– Create unimaginable detail by combining simple objects with complex HyperTextures
– Expand HyperTextures by converting them to HyperBlobs ? the new technology provided in Vue 9
– Design rocks and rock formations like never before
– Gain precise control over shapes and densities
– Learn to implement these technologies in real scenarios
– Witness the benefits of mixing HyperBlobs with HyperTerrains
– Optimize HyperTextures and HyperBlobs for fast rendering
– Sample files included

Video presented in full HD quality
HyperTextures section applies to both Vue 8 and 9
HyperBlobs applies to Vue 9 only



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