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QuadSpinner’s unprecedented Grasslands Collection integrates the following:
– intended for far away and medium distance terrains
– nested fractals for heightened detail and realism
– color schemes adapted from natural photo references and Expedition QuadSpinner field research
– varying grass patches and colors for even greater realism
– dirt or soil that corresponds to each environment
– easily combinable materials to achieve more complex grass fields using mixed materials


Emerald Isle – This lush carpet of spring or summer grass epitomizes an inviting meadow. Grass height variations and patches of powdery gray dirt will make your scene so real, even you will do a double take.

Out of Africa – Transitioning into a dryer season, the dark patches of brown and green dotted with seemingly lifeless dirt hint of the golden hues soon to come. This could also depict early autumn.

Prairieland – Undulating patches of grass create the sensation of a soft, thick meadow. You can almost feel the movement in this windswept expanse. The dirt is deep taupe.

Dakota Plains – Sparse coverage of desert grass reveals remnants of spring amidst areas of mocha colored earth. This material also casts the subtle illusion of wind dancing across the countryside.

BraveHeart – Inspired by the Scotland Highland’s, this dense ground cover comes alive with flowering tops. The wintergreen grass, brown fertile soil and pebbly gray dirt will dramatically accent your scene.

Australia – Reminiscent of the Australian outback, this material blends visible patches of dirt with reddish and desert grasses. It is also representative of an early autumn meadow in a coniferous forest.

Sweet Grass – The vibrance of early spring grass is electrified after snow melt or the first rain. Hints of moist earth peek through the fresh growth.

Frozen Fields – As winter envelops the farmer’s field before the arrival of snow, you can almost hear the crunch of the dry grass cover against the rich brown earth.

Silica Spring – This potently fertile plain of grass on volcanic soil shows erratic growth patterns in aged flow zones of lava.



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