QuadSpinner Graminoid EcoSystems

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QuadSpinner’s grassroots collection of EcoSystems blends realistic lighting and coloration with lifelike distribution. These versatile grasses will ground your scenes with detailed variety and double-take texture.

Irresistible features:

– Quick and easy, multi-layer EcoSystem materials
– Individual control of plant groups for remarkable distribution
– Convenient fractal-driven distribution of each species group
– Use of existing SolidGrowth plants (no need to purchase new plant species!)
– Substitutable with your own species or any other object – handy quickstart templates for creating your own unique EcoSystems
– Both manual and Dynamic population friendly
– Distinct yet subtle changes in color as EcoSystems flow across terrains
– EcoSystem colors from actual vegetation photographed in the field
– Unlocked EcoSystem fractals, for greater understanding
– Bonus: custom material on rocks and EcoSystem base
– Works across all versions of Vue – from 8.0 to 9.5


CrackMaker - MDK 1.1
Tincture - MDK 1.1

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