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In the real world, dust is an ever-present particle. Often it goes unnoticed. However, when carried by winds across geographic regions it gets our attention. When those winds garner great strength, dust can pose a serious threat to all life. And like with so many of nature’s elements, in its fury, dust bears an eerie and captivating beauty.

Integrating dust into your scenes can give you a dramatic boost in realism. QuadSpinner encourages you to try their unique material collection Dust in the Wind which features:

MetaCloud materials for creating dusts of all forms
Color that you can easily modify to change the appearance (creating water spray, blowing snow, or anything else) without having to modify the Fractal Functions
Products are scalable to both small and large requirements – from light sand blowing on the beach to full-on dust storms
All materials use MetaCloud 2.0 format

Soft, low-moving dust that travels in gusts

Long striated sand blown on dunes or any desert environment, these ultra-fine dust streams respond well to light and shadow transitions

Take cover! Sirocco is a full-blown sandstorm

La Calima
Forceful gusts, like those that come and go quickly in canyons

Designer dust – ideal for adding depth to your scenes. Xaloc, with a stronger ochre cast, is the spry sister of Ghibli



QuadSpinner - Volcan Arsolis
QuadSpinner - The Dark Knights

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