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QuadSpinner leads the alien revolution with The Defenders, an unrivaled collection of galactic materials that will cause all rebels to surrender. Unlike our other premium materials, these are open. They are not in a MetaNode and can be changed in any way imaginable.

The Defenders are powered by a scaled down version of LightBender. Their multipurpose applications will fortify your command’s strategic position – for weapons, armor, crafts, ships, vehicles, and homeworld fortress. All aspects of these intelligent materials can be animated.

The Iron Brain
A coveted blend of technology and organics, the Iron Brain is the Ruler’s choice for themost powerful battlecruiser in the galaxy. Where these tech and organic circuits merge, there is a spark of reflection. The resulting elements emit superior intelligence and strength. The Iron Brain also performs well on hidden chambers, corridors, and other focal surfaces.

The Cowl of Light
This pristine, metal-plastoid alloy radiates soft energy ripples on the surface. The Cowl of Light is reserved for machines created by an advanced civilization. The utopian ethereal sheen and exquisite coloration are hallmarks of its psionic lineage.

The Barracks
The heavy plated military construction makes this a rugged material. The Barracks is even coated with a layer of dust, accumulated from multiple recon and attack missions to the far reaches of the galaxy. Despite the semi-veiled surface, the details of this nuclear metal’s overlapping tiles and panels are still visible.

The Palace of Un’naar
Inspired by the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, this shimmery material resembles delicately brushed metal. The endless spiral plates create a star play of reflections. The Palace of Un’naar will create an indomitable non-human stronghold – its massive structuresfeared and revered for their psionic origins.

The Artifact
Tiny virgin blue metallic plates from a mysterious source heighten the stakes in the conquest of The Artifact. Visible currents of energy throughout create a reflection in their wake. And these reflective currents can be animated. LightBender is merged into every seam of this pure material.

The Changeling
The most alien in the collection, The Changeling defies the laws of physics. This liquid alien technology is protected by a dense force field. Its delicate circuit pattern adds further depth to this extraterrestrial material. Imagine the drama animated HyperBlobs would stir up with The Changeling.



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