QuadSpinner Clastos – Arenite Warriors

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The QuadSpinner Foundry has released an advanced collection of 6 sandstone materials – Arenite Warriors. Rich in texture and exquisite coloration, this inventive line spotlights the collapsed strata that decorate the Earth’s crust. A powerful marriage between our signature collections, Mineral Infinity and Master Trinity, these materials are available as a set or individually. Be sure to view all.

The unique features are:

Complex Sandstone MetaNodes reveal principle elements for easy manipulation
Tincture Color MetaNode – a new addition to QuadSpinner’s Material Development Kit (MDK) – exposes Color Map, HSL, Brightness/Contrast, grain coloration, and grain-pattern ratios
Elaborate patterns and pigmentation based on field research
Vertical materials intended for HyperTerrains or vertically strong terrains, as opposed to general terrains

The unusual wavy, angular detail of this quartz arenite formed over millennia by the compression of rock. Clastos is also defined by shadowy quartz build-up along its fissures.



Tincture - MDK 1.1
Manganos - Arenite Warriors

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