Psych Ward

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No finer accommodation can be found for that October 31st vacation getaway! The experience your ghosts and ghoulies have been dreaming of is waiting right here. Our long term and brief (haha) asylum vacation packages boast of furnishings, architecture, and instruments state of the art to the early-to-mid-twentieth century. Just the setting to make your folk feel right at home! (LOL)

Product Includes:
Room, medical screen, night table, medicine bottles, lobotomy pick and hammer, bed, wheel chair, lamp, cross, lighting (as seen in photos), 10 camera pre-sets, and 4 – V4 chair poses.

Room Includes: back wall, arch, front Wall, left wall, right wall, ceiling, floor, cross, and door.

Bed Includes: bed frame, mattress, blanket, and shackles, with adjustment morphs.

Wheel Chair Includes: chair, chest strap, lap strap, feet strap, with adjustment and positioning morphs.

Product has been tested in DS and found to work with adjustments, but we do not offer DS support.




Rapsody Hair
Silenced G2F

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