PsiMan Robot Man

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The PsiMan was developed not to replace but to compliment the PsiDog. The PsiMan is a fully posable robotic man. Developed by PsiTech to compliment the PsiDog it has also proved to be formidable security unit. With its greater carrying capacity The PsiMan comes Standard with shoulder mounted twin plasma cannons and a variety of add on weapons. Its ability to work as a unit and with a PsiDog Pack has assured its place in the Psi Forces. As with the Psi Dogs Each unit comes with a positronic brain and has the same command structure as the Dog Pack. 15 units can be networked with a Sergeant so that they can act as a single goal seeking unit. The leader unit has the ability to control up to 20 Sergeant units enabling a battalion sized unit.


Michael 4 for Genesis 2 Male
SheRogue for V4 Bodysuit

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