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This set includes:

~ 1 Face & 1 Body INJ & REM pose for Roxanne (++ morphs for V4 required)
~ 1 Roxanne Full pose – one click option to apply INJ morphs and main textures
~ 1 Default MAT, 01_Clean – complete (non battle) character skin textures for Roxanne
~ 1 Pubic_On Mat – nude texture option having pubic hair
~ 1 Pubic_Off Mat – nude texture option having no pubic hair
~ 7 Eye color options, plus tears On/Off MAT and Sclera_Clean Mat option
~ 3 Eyelash options (Fuller, Thinner, Default)
~ 5 Eyeshadow options for Roxanne (face skin)
~ 3 Face Tattoo options for Roxanne (face skin)
~ 14 Lip color matte & gloss options (7 each), includes natural (default) lip color
~ 1 Teeth_Clean (default)
~ 6 Second Skin clothing options, Top, Bottom, and Both, and same with Tattoos options, plus 1 Secondskin_Off
~ 6 Tattoo Options, All, ArmL, ArmR, ArmRL, Leg, Torso, plus 1 No_Tattoo Mat to restore default (clean) textures
~ Also includes Partial MAT for the default (clean-non battle) skin textures (allowing you to mix and match Arm, Leg, Torso, etc., skin options)
~ 10 Warrior Poses (customized for Roxanne and the Rilaun clothing and props – optional), 5 regular and 5 mirror poses (total of 10 poses)
~ 14 Face Expressions*, plus 1 00_Expression* reset, 1 Roxanne_FaceMorph (reset only dials for Roxanne face), 1 Roxanne_ZeroDials (zero all dial but Roxanne morphs), 1 V4_ZeroDials (zeros all dials back to default V4 face)


Mitchel Hair
Kiku for V4 Elite, A4, G4


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