PS-Lavinia-2813 Expansion Set for V4

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By the year 2750 the subsequent race of Androids, once created in the image of human beings, were bent on the utter annihilation of what they deemed to be inferior life forms.? Mankind.? An offense to the creator machine, humans were hated with a hate so fanatic that entire planets had been laid ruin as Androids sought to seek out every remaining trace of the once dominant species from the far flung reaches of the galaxy and beyond where they had spread and eradicate this obsolete life form with extreme prejudice.

Faced with what would certainly prove inevitable extinction, the most brilliant human scientist of all times, Lavinia, created the first truly integrated Cybernetic being.? Part human, part machine, this new hybrid species combine the best of both machine and organic intelligence and capabilities.? Leading to the ultimate warrior series,?Lavinia-2813.

This set includes:

Cyborg Skin Textures & Mats (Regular & SSS)

~ 1 Cyborg Left Leg MAT options (4000×4000)
~ 1 Cyborg Right Leg MAT options (4000×4000)
~ 1 Cyborg Right & Left Leg MAT options (4000×4000)
~ 2 different Cyborg Left Arm MAT option (4000×4000)
~ 2 different Cyborg Right Arm MAT option (4000×4000)
~ 2 different Cyborg Right & Left Arm MAT option (4000×4000)
~ 3 different Cyborg Torso MAT option (4000×4000)
~ 8 Cyborg eye colors, including default, plus Tear Off/On (3000×3000)
~ 3 Cyborg Face MAT options, plus default face MAT (4000×4000)
~ 1 Cyborg Lip MAT options, including default lips (4000×4000)
~ 4 Second Skin Cyborg Clothing MAT options (4000×4000)

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PS-Lavinia for V4



PS-Lavinia for V4

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